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Lorie Iacovelli

Bobs Auto is a quality service facility! They has been maintaining my VW Beatle for over ten years! Actually, his father, serviced it first!! With their expert advise, over the years, my 2002 Beatle, still going strong with close to 230, 000, miles on it! And its not a diesel!! Thank you for your great service over the years!!! #VW #vwlife #smallbusiness.

Jesse Chisholm

Hands down one of the best mechanics I've ever dealt with. Bob is patient and perfectly willing to explain all facets of what is wrong with your car--without condescension. He knows the ins and outs of VW's and goes the extra mile to make sure your car is fixed and all problems are solved. Thanks!

Jason Meyers

Bob's is great garage. He's very knowledgeable and helpful. He's a straight up kinda guy no BS if he can't do it he'll let you know instead of giving you the run around. Definitely take my car back to him.

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Our Services

- Tune-ups
- Oil Changes
- Maintenance
- Timing Belts
- Water Pumps
- Brakes
- Tie Rods
- Exhaust
- Serpentine Belts
- Automatic Trans

- ABS Lights
- Coolant Service
- Check Engine Light
- Charging + Starting
- Headlight Restoration
- Shocks & Struts
- Front End Repairs
- Tire Rotation
- Clutch Replacement

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